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Safai Combo Premium (23 Pcs)

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  • Jala Brush: Multipurpose Broom To Clean Lights, Fans And Webs
  • Twist Mop -Non-abrasive and lint-free. Safe to use on all surfaces. Even the most high maintenance, high gloss and fussy floors are an absolutely doodle when you use Twist Mops
  • Handy Carpet cleaning brush for cleaning house carpets, car carpets and household upholstery & all kinds of surfaces
  • Everyday Wiper:Best Quality Rubber Blade.Break Resistant Plastic Handle.Comes with a attached scrubber to remove tough stains
  • Venus Steel Pipe Grass Broom:For indoor or outdoor use on your kitchen, tile, wooden or laminate floors - or outside sweeping your garage, yard, patio or garden.Steel Handle 
  • Venus Dust Free Crimped Broom is a high quality plastic microfiber broom with long angled bristles along with the sleek, modern broom head design which makes it simple to sweep dirt out of corners. The handle is quite hard, long and easily detachable. Hence easy to store and easy to carry at the time of travel.
  • Dust Pan:The dustpan can be used on both surfaces wet and dry. Clears broom dust, dirt and hair.
  • Bucket 7 Ltr:Made of high grade good quality virgin plastic material.Size: 7L
  • Tile Brush Pro:An ideal tool for bathrooms and floors.It has Nylon fibre material with plastic handle and powerful sponge.
  • Double Sided Microfibre Glove:Use it for Cleaning your car, desktop, laptop, furnitures, Glass jars etc.Super soft, absorbent, non scratching wash and dry mitt cleaning glove.
  • Floor Scrubbing Brush:Ideal for cleaning bathroom, kitchen floor tiles ,bath mats,car mats and many more
  • Floor duster 6Pcs:Ideal for mopping all floor surfaces as it effectively removes tough stains ,dust and grime from the floor
  • Kitchen Duster 6Pcs:Perfect for drying dishes, cleaning counter tops, mirrors, tables, windows, cars, etc.

The most important part of each festival and every festival is "Cleaning".And especially Diwali is that festival which itself has a great significance regarding cleaning.Keeping this in mind,Homewellness is offering you Saaf-Safai Combo Premium 23Pcs set. This combo is an answer to every problem which you come across while cleaning and disinfecting your house. Be It water logged in your backyards,be it mopping the hidden corners of the floor or be it sweeping the dust particles of the house.Our Saaf-Safai Combo has everything which helps to remove dust,dirt,grime from the hidden corners very efficiently and in minimum possible efforts without bothering much to your pockets.     

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