Quality is a much more complicated term than it appears. There are a variety of perspectives that can be taken in defining quality. In the best way described quality is "Meeting or Exceeding Customer Expectations." Companies that deliver outstanding , consistent, product quality can earn long term customer trust and loyalty. We, at Home Wellness ,believe in investing in quality assurance upfront so that it can pay off by minimizing customer complaints and returns.

Most ecommerce websites follow the online marketplace model where multiple third-party vendors come together to sell their products on one platform. It works like an aggregator to link sellers with buyers where the ecommerce website lists different products from various vendors. But buying from an ecommerce website comes with its lacunae of counterfeit and fake products being delivered. It is difficult for these ecommerce sites to control the menace of counterfeits products .Many a times ,the seller list their products fakely in the name of a famous and known brand . But at the time of dispatching ,they send an entirely different and low quality brand product. Thus, putting the customer in trauma of getting it replaced or waiting for refund.

On the other hand, we have a proper QC Team that focuses on the entire quality system including activities of outsourcing quality products from outside and ensuring delivery of the right product as shown and promised on the site to the customer .We have a Quality Management team which thoroughly checks the products before they are dispatched to the customers .Thus ,minimizing the chances of incurring errors to almost negligible. Unlike the market place module on which the ecommerce giant works which makes it more suspectible to sale of counterfeit products we ensure that the products we offer have gone through multiple levels of quality checks to deliver whatever is promised on our site.

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