If we don’t talk in medical terms, happy  hormones  are chemicals released in the brain when one is happy.

Pretty simple! Isn’t it? But the major question arises, apart from our relations and our mental satisfaction, is there any external factor which helps in the evolution of these happy hormones?

Answer would be “Yes”.

Finland, a small Europeon country sits tall and ranks first in world happiness index. No coincidence, Finland also ranks first in cleanliness with 90.68 EPI score (ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE INDEX) .

What does this mean? This means cleanliness plays a crucial role in human happiness. More our living space is clean, more our surrounding is clean & green, more we are happy. No doubt there are other factors also on which human happiness quotient depends, but, cleanliness is a factor which is totally under our control. By keeping our homes, offices and surroundings clean & green, we can easily achieve this target

“Clean Home ,Happy Home”.

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