How do we define a modern kitchen? Is it the quality of tiles used or designer shelves or attractive lights? But, the real kitchen is one where cooking is made easy just by using few human friendly tools. If in 2019, while chopping onion, one shed tears then that kitchen is not defined as ‘modern’.

       As we know “Need is the mother of invention”, every time a need is felt, humans have invented a machine to fulfill that need and make their jobs easier.

*A closed body chopper can chop onion and all other veggies without shedding tears.

*One suffering from skin allergy can avoid burning effect of green chilies by using specially designed scissors.

*Shoulder ache can be avoided by using simple hand blender (electric or non electric) 

*Extra water from water soaked rice can be strained by using rice bowl strainer without dropping even a single grain of rice.

*Tomato slices for salads can be done by using Tomato Slicer.

And many more such tools like grater, colander, measuring spoons, whisk, mesh skimmer, apple slicer etc. considerably reduce our time. Presence of these simple yet very useful kitchen tools makes your kitchen ‘Modern’.

We at Home Wellness have accumlated from different parts of India to make your modern kitchen "More Modern".

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